Teaching Approach

At Les Petits Génies, we believe in nurturing every child’s innate curiosity and encouraging a lifelong love for learning. Our teaching model revolves around an experiential learning strategy where students are encouraged to learn through experiences, hands-on activities, and a rich exploration of their surroundings.

This allows them to build critical thinking skills, fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter, and promoting holistic development.

Our lessons are structured to provide a perfect blend of guided learning and independent exploration, encouraging the little geniuses to become self-directed learners, ready to navigate the complex world they will inherit.
Communication is the foundation of a child’s development, and at Les Petits Génies, we build this foundation with utmost care and precision. Through playful activities such as the morning nametag treasure hunt, we imbue the early lessons of reading and comprehension in a joyous manner.

Our expansive library of over 300 books and reading corners in every classroom foster a nurturing environment for the children to develop a love for reading from a very tender age. They learn the vital skills of handling books and understanding the inherent meanings conveyed through pictures and prints.
Nurturing the heart and mind goes hand in hand at Les Petits Génies. We foster a culture where every child learns to develop self-confidence and autonomy. The nurturing environment at our school encourages sensitivity and awareness of the needs and feelings of others, cultivating a compassionate and empathetic future generation.
Physical activities are a pivotal part of our curriculum, aiming to inculcate a sense of discipline and the joy of movement from an early age. Our indoor playground, named “Little Gym,” is a haven for little adventurers to explore a range of physical activities. The monthly swimming days and sports festivals are the highlights of our physical development program, promoting agility and coordination while having fun.
At the heart of our curriculum is the imaginative “Atelier,” where young minds converge to share ideas and create beautiful expressions through various art mediums. This vibrant corner is where children explore the depths of their imagination through painting, drawing, and an array of other artistic endeavors, fostering a nurturing ground for the next generation of artists and thinkers.
Our curriculum encourages the little geniuses to develop a profound understanding of the environment, space, and time in relation to their own experiences. Through careful observation, exploration, and hands-on experiments with natural materials, we foster a sense of curiosity and wonder, encouraging them to question and understand the workings of the world around them.
At Les Petits Génies, we introduce the young minds to the fascinating world of numbers through practical experiences. Before moving onto counting, we ensure they understand the core concepts of quantity, relationships between different sizes, and numbers. Utilizing everyday objects for practical applications fosters a deep understanding, setting a solid foundation for their mathematical journey.
Beyond the classrooms, we extend learning to the great outdoors, where children connect with nature and develop a genuine appreciation for their environment. Our outdoor learning experiences are meticulously crafted to be not just an extension but a rich expansion of indoor learnings, offering a wholesome approach to understanding the world from different perspectives.

At Les Petits Génies, every aspect of our teaching approach is geared towards nurturing happy, responsible, and imaginative individuals proficient in both English and French, equipped to thrive in a multicultural community as true global citizens.

Bilingual Education

In line with our vision to mold global citizens, bilingual education holds a significant place in our curriculum. We believe that proficiency in both English and French is not just an academic asset but a vital skill in the multicultural world we live in. Our bilingual program is meticulously crafted to immerse students in both languages, enabling a natural and seamless transition between English and French, thereby fostering bilingualism and biculturalism from a young age. This bilingual approach not only benefits cognitive development but also opens doors to rich multicultural experiences and opportunities in the future.

Gifted Children

Every child has a gift, a talent". Being "gifted" is usually a positive peculiarity, but being gifted also means being different. The child's entire way of thinking is different, and his extreme sensitivity needs to be acknowledged early. A gifted child possesses skills and a reasoning capacity which makes him or her develop differently.

At Les Petits Genies, we don’t only identify gifted children, we have also had to adapt our pedagogy to their specific needs. Our teachers have been trained to teach such children and offer throughout their school years a dedicated support in enhancing their special sort of intelligence and in exerting their more intuitive than deductive way of thinking.

Gifted children need to be intellectually challenged in many ways in order to avoid boredom and depression that may come with being a gifted child. As school is one of the first places for socialisation, it is our duty to give those children an opportunity to form new friendships with children their age. This is not always easy because, on many occasions their behaviour is labelled as "too much", "too sensitive", "too critical"... and this hypersensitivity sometimes leads them to extreme reactions.

Being kind to them, refraining from judging them, taking into account their emotional intelligence, which is also different from that of other people, are ways to gain their trust and de-dramatise the importance of those differences. Only then may they embrace their countless dreams and desires and go to school with a renewed pleasure. The school's innovative, positive and caring pedagogy aims at preventing and correcting those gifted children's difficulties while respecting their differences to enable them develop their natural talent and grow to their full potential.


We look forward to welcoming your child to our special place.