Headteacher’s Welcome


Welcome to Les Petits Génies Bilingual Playgroup and Nursery !

Les Petits Génies is more than a school. It is a big family, where all parents, teachers and children share and experience each new day together.

Passion, Excellence, Respect and Love for the children is our motto.

Each morning, children arrive with big smiles on their face ready to embark in yet another exciting day and when the school time is over, they are eager to share with their parents or carers what they have learned and the experiences they have had with their friends and teachers.

Our aim is to nurture each child as a unique individual and bring out his or her talent by providing a high standard bilingual education and a strong foundation to fit and excell in any future schools. At school, our children grow in confidence, are able to thrive in a challenging linguistic environment, enjoy each day and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge and learning.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our special place, Les Petits Génies.

Warm regards,

Mme Lydia Akinyanju

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to our website. I hope your visit will be both informative and inspiring.

Les Petits Genies was founded in 2007 to promote a bilingual education. Children aged 15 months to 5 years are embraced in the school with its values and learning environment playing an important role in their well-being and development.

To book a visit, contact the school administrator.

A bientot !


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Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education

Many studies have reported that bilingual children exhibit a greater sensitivity to linguistic meaning and may be more flexible in their thinking than are monolingual children (Cummins and Swain 1986). They are blessed with bilingual brains!”



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School Calendar

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Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

We offer a selective entry procedure, aimed at ensuring a good gender balance regardless of race, religious, cultural or family background.