September 17, 2023

In the formative years of a child’s life, the importance of a well-balanced diet cannot be stressed enough. At Les Petits Génies, we firmly hold the belief that nurturing a child’s palate with nutritious food options is just as critical as nurturing their minds with knowledge and their hearts with love.

Balanced Diet: The Bedrock of Healthy Development

Our approach to food and mealtimes goes beyond just ensuring that the children have something to eat. We advocate for meals that are freshly cooked, packed with nutrients, and served with a generous sprinkle of love. While children bring in their own lunches, we encourage them to pack meals that are both delightful to the palate and nourishing to the body.

Yummy Time: A Learning Experience

Mealtimes are transformed into an educational and social event during our “Yummy Time.” This initiative provides a platform where children gather to share experiences about food, discussing their tastes, preferences, and learning about hygiene. In our nursery kitchen, a parade of healthy and nutritious international dishes become subjects of enthusiastic discussions, opening the young minds to the rich diversity of global cuisines and promoting a healthy relationship with food.

Cooking Day & Little Chefs: Nurturing Future Culinary Experts

We count ourselves fortunate to have experienced teachers who are also excellent cooks with a profound understanding of nutrition. Under their guidance, our “Little Chefs” don their mini aprons and chef hats as they embark on delightful culinary adventures.

During the term, special days are set aside for cooking, where children get to learn the ropes of healthy cooking. These hands-on experiences not only teach them about the art of preparing nutritious meals but also inculcate a sense of responsibility and achievement as they learn to create dishes from scratch.

As they chop, stir, and taste, the young chefs develop a deep appreciation for food and learn the value of teamwork. The end result is not just a delicious dish but a group of children blooming with pride over their culinary creation, fostering a lifelong healthy relationship with food.


Our emphasis on healthy eating habits is an integral part of our education philosophy at Les Petits Génies. We envision creating a generation of healthy individuals who have a deep-seated appreciation for nutritious food, understanding the pivotal role it plays in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Join us as we continue to foster a healthy learning environment where every meal is an opportunity to learn and grow, nourishing not just the body, but also the mind and soul. Together, let’s embark on a journey to raise healthy, happy, and wise children, one nutritious meal at a time.

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