The Playgroup

The Playgroup and Pre-Nursery class:  from 15 months to 3 years

The playgroup is our first point of entry for younger children. The teachers always aim to create a warm, secure, and above all, friendly atmosphere where the children feel happy and content and can settle in safely in their new environment.

Our weekly activities support the six aspects of learning the Curriculum and teachers gently introduce and guide our playgroup children to actively participate in as many activities at school and feel part of whole school’s learning community. They learn to sing, play together, respect and care for each other, create and imagine freely.

Also, the Indoor Soft Play area plays an important role in the children’s physical growth. They are encourage to try different body movements- stretching, jumping, crawling, etc.

N.B.: The school operates a “no shoes” rule in the indoor-play to protect children from outdoor germs as well as “squished fingers and toes” accidents.

The children spend a year in the Playgroup class being nurtured and carefully prepared to move to the Pre-Nursery class, welcoming children aged 2-3 years old. In the Pre-Nursery class, they gradually become confident, independent and responsible little students before moving to the big building, our Nursery School.

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