The Nursery School

The Nursery 1 class (3-4 years)

The first class of the nursery school is called Petite Section, welcoming children aged 3 to 4 years.

In this class, the children build upon the excellent foundation they have received in the Pre-Nursery class. They are gently introduced to sounds, shapes, letters and numbers through carefully planned hands-on experiences to encourage children to learn while having fun. Circle time, e-learning, outdoor learning and individual class work are equally important. Despite the fact that the program is heavier in this class, the children are able to cope very well and reaffirm their learning.

The Nursery 2 class (4-5 years)

As children approach age four, they move to the last class, the nursery 2 class – la Moyenne Section. This class is a continuation of Petite Section and prepares children for the smooth transition to the big school. It is a decisive year for our parents who have to make a decision whether to keep the children in the French system of education or move them to an English primary school. There is no doubt the children will be able to settle in whichever education system in the future. Their h3 academic foundation will continue to reflect in their future schools and our hope is for the children not to loose the special gift you have given them, a second language.

We would love Les Petits Genies Alumni to always have an edge and stand out from their peers.

Indeed, a fearless and confident child, a global child…