School Policies



In the event of your child falling ill and absent from the school for two (2) days, parents are requested to contact the school.
Any other absence i.e. holiday, end of expatriation, etc. should be made know to the school administrator.
Please inform the school immediately if we need to update telephone or email contacts.


Parents/guardians are requested to drop the child/children on or before 8.30am to avoid disturbing the class. Any child arriving late will be escorted quietly to his class by a designated member of staff. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to perturb the class.


We may remove your child from the school immediately if you, your child or any carer displays abusive, threatening, disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behaviour towards any member of staff, other child, parents or if you are in serious breach of these terms and conditions or if termination of a place is considered by us to be in the best interests of the school and/or the continuing welfare of the other children.

Security card

Once registration is completed, a security card will be given to the parent or guardian. Everyday at the end of school, the person picking up the child MUST present the card before the child is handled to him/her. If the card is lost or forgotten, the parent/guardian is requested to call the school immediately.

Health and safety policy

The following school policies are available on request from the administration office:

  • Dietary and allergy policy
  • First Aid policy
  • Medication policy
  • Collection – late collection of children policy
  • Policy in case of flu pandemic or chicken pox