We follow a wonderfully gentle child-centered curriculum. Our weekly activities support the six aspects of learning, and also include gardening, cooking, molding, little gym, dance, games, music, singing, swimming, drama, and art! These structured sessions blend with the free playtime effortlessly, so that the atmosphere is enjoyable and conducive to learning.

1. Communication & Language

In both small and large groups, children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking, listening and by hearing or responding to stories, songs and rhymes. From early on, we help children to understand that written symbols carry meanings.
At the playgroup, the first activity in the morning is asking the children to sign in by recognizing their name tag. They really enjoy searching for their names in the basket.
The use of stories and rhymes, with which the children begin to associate particular sound words and letters, encourages the children to express themselves freely.

Our Library
Les Petits Génies library houses more than 200 books, both in English and French. Our book corners encourage the children to become familiar with books, to handle them carefully and understand how they are organized. The youngest children soon begin to understand that pictures carry meaning and that print is read from left to right and top to bottom.
The library also serves as a medium to showcase works and book projects of our children, to guide and help them appreciate books and discover literacy.

2. Personal, Social, Emotional Development

At les Petits Génies, children are individually supported to develop self-confidence and autonomy. They are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

3. Physical Development

On our exciting playground, “Little Gym” and Sports Day allow the children to develop confidence and actively enjoy the development of physical co-ordination skills which include jumping, running, skipping, climbing, balancing, dancing, stretching and many more.
Swimming Day is on the last Friday of every month.
Children in nursery school must wear their sports uniform provided by the school twice a week.

4. Creative Development

Our school has an exciting Art room called “Atelier”. This is where all imaginative minds meet to share ideas and produce beautiful creations through painting, drawing, collage and model making. Children also explore sounds, shapes, texture and space.

5. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Children learn to understand the environment, space and time in relation to their own lives. They learn to observe, explore and experiment with a range of natural materials. They are encouraged to ask questions during group projects about why things happen and how things work.

6. Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

Children become familiar with sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing and counting activities, which form the basis for early mathematics. Particular emphasis is on the practical application of quantification; it is pointless for a child to cram numbers and count until 30 or 100 if he or she does not understand the notion of quantity, the relationship between big and small, few and many. As an aid to developing these skills, we use everyday objects found in our immediate environment such as beans, spoons, leaves, etc.


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