We have identified three factors as key to creating an ideal language-learning environment:

  • Motivation to learn
  • Interest in learning
  • Exposure

Les Petits Génies in its 10 years, has been an ideal environment for learning, not only a language, but also for acquiring excellent early years foundation knowledge.

Don’t ask yourselves HOW intelligent is your child? Rather, you should ask, in what way is our child intelligent? For all children are intelligent, and they are intelligent in many different ways.

It is our duty, at Les Petits Génies, to help our children develop confidently and be unique and global. Every year, we are proud to witness students leaving our school academically strong, full of confidence and speaking French fluently. Indeed, our Alumni continue to excel and perform exceptionally well in their respective schools. We have so many testimonies from past and present parents and that alone set our school as one of the best performing nursery school in Lagos. We are unique and strong academically.

How have we succeeded?

At the heart of our philosophy is Wellbeing of our children, which is why we place so much emphasis on personal growth.

We strive to keep children excited, happy and engaged and as a result, they learn and acquire knowledge most easily. Our children learn sub-consciously without realizing that they are learning. It is always fun to be at school.

They learn to speak, understand and make connections through enjoyable activities in a form that holds their short attention. Indeed, all activities are carefully planned to create exciting opportunities for the children to be motivated and interested in learning.

The more creative our school is, the more children’s attention will be engaged, and more learning will take place.

I believe a literacy rich environment, filled with conversations, singings, books, stories, attention and appreciation makes it easier for our Little Genius to naturally learn.

Our unique approach to teaching will continue to ensure that all parts of our children’ lives are enriched, transformed and developed, and I do hope you experience and follow us in this exciting journey.

Best wishes,

Mme Lydia

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